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Lev & Co Solution developer  i-PCA Systems of paperless telemedicine and preventive screening solutions for cardiovascular and diabetic diseases

About i-PCA Systems, e-Health and IoT

i-PCA Sytems - Health Screening Assistance Platform

  The platform is based on an online prepaid subscription service for programming screening examinations. For the great convenience of the public and especially for the rural areas the Kits of medical examinations are available in the Community Centers, public centers, pharmacies, universities ... .etc and can be used by local non-professional staff after a short training session.



     e-Health also encompasses telemedicine, a medical practice that uses different telecommunication technologies to provide medical diagnostics or remote health care. One of its goals is to facilitate access to medical services in remote rural communities. There is also the m-health (mobile-health) which allows it to offer services via many applications available on smartphones / tablets. With some of these applications, it becomes easier for physicians to follow their patients remotely. All of these services aim to provide real-time monitoring of patients, to obtain a rapid and accurate diagnosis to improve the outcome of treatments, but also to allow more effective detection of diseases.

IoT Internet of Things


     The Internet of Things is an information infrastructure that allows the interconnection of physical objects or sensors (physical or virtual) by means of a communication system (RFID chips, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.). In health, IoT can be used to connect multiple devices and medical devices to provide real-time information to healthcare professionals. With IoT begins the ability to collect, sort and analyze information in real time on an unprecedented scale.

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