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i-PCA IMoT Platform for preventive self care


Telemedicine  simple and secure


i-PCA Systems Mobile App:
The App displays, analyses and stores the patient’s diagnostic reports.


i-PCA Systems Cloud Services:
Cloud based servers provide secure storage of patient records on a private cloud facilitating remote patient monitoring as well as access to medical records.


i-PCA Systems Intervention:
A tele-intervention platform that allows the physician to connect with specialists and hospitals to initiate remote presence intervention.

    Our platform permits to create your own private health file


1. Your health and medical data are secured Only you can decide to whom you
    want to export or expose you stored medical information.


2. Our platform can assist you for renting /leasing self examination test
   equipment for performing predictive diagnostic


3. You decide to which specialist (local and international as well) you want to
   send you examination test results for diagnostic.


4. You may consult a second opinion specialists using the guidance  of the

i-PCA Systems - How does it works ?

1. Download our application on your smartphone


2. Follow the registration instructions to open your health account


3. Create your electronic wallet account


4. Program An appointment for the screening test


5. Accept the conditions of the programming of examinations


6. Present yourself at the place and the date to Perform the examination.

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