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Cardiovascular risk screening

Totally painless, electrocardiogram (ECG) records the activity of the heart and can detect abnormal functioning. Cardiovascular disease represents a significant risk to health. This preventive examination quickly and accurately determines the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Whay ECG ?

For whom ?

  • It is very likely that some of your collaborators will face a cardiovascular disease sooner or later. A regular screening visit can detect the problem in time and take care of it.
• Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of premature death and a decline in quality of life. The frequency of these conditions increases with age, and the aging of the population only increases the problem.
• In-depth screening can identify an underlying condition or condition (usually arteriosclerosis) even before the onset of symptoms, which improves treatment options.
• Prevention of cardiovascular disease goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle: do not smoke, eat healthy, take action against high blood pressure and high cholesterol, etc. A strong preventive approach to these risk factors is essential.
• Since the risk of cardiovascular disease is multifactorial, risk factors should be assessed together (overall) and not in isolation.
The level of this overall risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease determines the intensity of the interventions.
    This policy applies to all companies with more than 100 employees. In these companies, many employees perform an administrative function inducing a sedentary style of work. A preventive examination is absolutely necessary for these people. This preventive examination allows you to promote the vitality and health of your employees and therefore also of your company.
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Wireless sensor for blood pressure
The sensors have been tested and validated clinically to meet the standards of the American and European authorities
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Wireless sensor and meter for blood glucose levels


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