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Medical and healthcare service concept.
The mission of i-PCA Systems is to dramatically reduce the cost of diagnosis through the built-in capability of new innovative technologies.

The Platform allows sending via the internet the examinations captured by the body sensors to the specialists and to display the data, to store the files of the patients to find them easily and to return the information the recipients.


The sensor kits and applications produced by suppliers are approved by health authorities worldwide and they are able to perform examinations of blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse and oximetry. The sensors are connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth and have an instantaneous automatic pre-diagnosis.


New IoT technologies are changing the way health services are provided, allowing beneficiaries to stay home to receive care and avoid high hospital stays. Companies are developing their home-based services, providing solutions for independent living specifically designed to serve aging and disabled populations at the national level.
With this in mind, more 
and more cauntries and health organizations are promoting home care programs as a vital means of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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